Oncology Aesthetics

Oncology Aesthetics is a very specialized field of esthetics. Caitlin Spain is among a small percentage of growing Aestheticians in the US who are specially trained and certified in this important and life changing concentration. This field is designed *specifically* for clients who need a little extra TLC and who have undergone or are presently undergoing oncology treatment. A Certified Oncology Esthetician (COE) should only perform this specialized treatment.

It is important for the spa professional not only to understand the skin challenges that come with cancer treatment, but also to understand the process of the cancer treatment itself. Side effects from the cancer treatment will, in a lot of cases, cause the skin to become dry and hypersensitive, and may cause redness, rosacea, and irritation.

What is the difference between Oncology Facials and Other Facials?

The main difference between an oncology facial and a standard facial is that oncology aesthetics focus is on calming, healing and repairing the damaging effects of cancer treatments. Cancer treatments affect the skin in a number of negative ways, and an “Oncology Facial” will help to ease and calm these symptoms. The practitioner is also focusing on the healing power of touch, and guiding you through an intentionally healing treatment, with benefits for your skin and your spirit.

A clear understanding of the information and a solid education foundation for the therapist is key. Everything is individual-specific, as it depends on type of cancer, type of medical treatments, time out of treatment, and the client’s experience of side effects. Safety first is the first rule. 

Less is more in Oncology Esthetics. Less heat, less friction, less products, less ingredients with a focus on keeping it simple. Less time on skin service with more time spent on options such as hand and foot massage, acupressure points, reflexology, etc. Hydrating treatments, such as cooling gel masques and soothing gentle massage, will help.

Who Can Perform Oncology Aesthetics?

Choosing a practitioner who has been certified and knows how to safely perform concurrent treatments, while a patient is being treated for cancer is very important. Caitlin has been certified through Oncology Training International, and has worked with non-profit organizations to give back to cancer patients, throughout her career.

If you are currently undergoing radiation or chemotherapy or are dealing with the negative aspects after finishing up treatment, we are here to help! If you are trying to manage the negative side effects alone, then an Oncology Facial may offer you considerable relief and comfort.

We are here to support your health journey, and look forward to talking with you soon!

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